The Community Campaign is your key to the Jewish Community.

According to Jewish tradition, the highest form of giving is to a central campaign, community fund or kupah.

Throughout Jewish history, in small towns and large cities, within both Israel and the Diaspora, it was the custom of Jewish communities to create an address for centralized giving. This guaranteed the privacy and dignity of the poor as well as the successful maintenance of communal "agencies."

Our Goal

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In Eastern Europe, at the beginning of the twentieth century, there were funds providing resources to feed the hungry, and to provide tinder for heating. Today, the kupah (literally translated as community fund) is the annual campaign of the Jewish federation.

The gift to the communal kupah, or centralized campaign, is a noble expression of devotion to the entire Jewish people. It demonstrates a love of community which is without limitation – a proud statement of commitment to our individual communities and to every individual Jew.

The Talmud says that the contribution to a centralized fund represents the highest form of tzedakah, for it is the best way of ensuring the anonymity of both donor and recipient. The general community fund is best prepared to meet the challenges of emergency issues which require a united front.

Tzedakah is not Charity - it derives from the Hebrew word for Justice - Tzedek. It tells us that as Jews we are required to share our good fortune. Tzedakah is based on the sense that justice includes the ethical imperative of sharing.

Jewish Values


While a designated gift may satisfy the desires of a particular donor and the recipient agency or cause, it is the gift to the centralized campaign which works towards satisfying the needs of all—transcending specific institutions or projects. The centralized campaign is concerned with the entire community – its continued viability and vibrancy – and the dignity of all of its members, including our brothers and sisters who may live thousands of miles away, but are no less precious to us than those who live next door.


Participation in the centralized campaign is a statement about Jewish values. As Jews, we count on the ability of individuals to uplift the entire collectively, and we treasure our historic desire to be full participants in a community's welfare. A donation to the federation annual campaign is an investment by the donor in his or her community; it is a statement by the donor that he or she belongs to the Jewish people.


The Annual Campaign embodies the values and traditions of the North American Jewish community more than anything else we do. It says that we care about people, not about their politics or religious practices. It says that we will ­as a community ­address critical, often life-threatening issues. It also says that we care for the State of Israel and we recognize our deep connection to it.


Everything from domestic abuse to public health problems to hunger and disaster relief and more. In recent times, the centralized fund allowed us to address the problems derived from the current economic downturn.


The Annual campaign represents a collective enterprise of the Jewish community to make sure that we fulfill our obligations of rescuing the imperiled, feed the hungry, cloth the naked, heal the sick, and take care of the needs of our people here at home and around the world.

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