The West is losing the war

By Daniel Chejfec


There is a war going on in America and in the World, one that most people prefer to ignore and one that the West is losing badly...

The war is a war of principles and self-respect. The self-respect part seems to me self-evident; when western leaders spend more time and efforts defending the rights of Muslims in western countries than defending the rights of their own people in Muslim lands, something has gone terribly wrong.

Don't get me the wrong way: I wholeheartedly agree that Muslims should have the same rights as everybody else in Western countries - right to wear a veil or to slaughter animals according to their own religious beliefs. But how come the Muslim countries do not reciprocate by giving westerners those same very basic rights in Muslim countries; more to the point - why the silence in the part of Western political leaders? If it is OK for Muslims to try to convert others in the West to Islam - and it s certainly OK - why is it a capital crime for Christians to proselytize in Muslim lands? If a Muslim man marries a non Muslim woman, it is considered acceptable, but if a Muslim woman marries a non Muslim man, they are put to death...Why? Muslims have used the collective bargaining rights of organized labor in the West to gain recognition for their right to pray five times a day and the need for breaks during working hours to do so, but collective bargaining or independent organized labor is forbidden in Arab lands...why? The Quran is openly studied in American Universities, but for any Muslim to read the Bible they need to do it in hiding...why?

More to the point: why did the leaders of the Western world give up in defending the basic principles of Modern Western Civilization such as freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, and equal rights for all citizens? America walked a difficult road to translate those principles into realities, and the job is still incomplete - American society is, however, the place where everybody wants to be, and as an immigrant myself I know why...

Growing up in Argentina I lived a perverse version of Western democracy under the rule of Peron first and the Juntas later; I lost friends whose only crime was to speak out their beliefs, and I lived through the dissapointment of a failed return to Democracy. It was at that point that I chose to come to America; not "to seek out new horizons" but to link my fate with a society that took its freedoms seriously, and whose leaders I saw as defending those very same freedoms.

I lived in America for twenty years now, and I witnessed the change of a society proud of its values into one guilt ridden; a society that valued self-reliance into one where victimhood provides an advantage. I believe it is time to reclaim the true American heritage, the one I and millions of other immigrants chose to adopt.

Say YES to the rights of Muslims in Western Countries

Say YES to the rights of Westerners in Muslim Countries

Say YES to the Universal validity of the principles of Freedom and Equality

Say YES to the Freedom of Conscience, YES to workers' rights, YES to women's rights, YES to the freedom to choose.

And speak out defending these principles for all people everywhere...anything less is condescension and colonialism.


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