The open battle is over


The most surprising heroes were the operators of Iron Dome, the Israeli anti missile defense system. An idea that when first raised was deemed science fiction and impractical proved itself 400 times over during the days of confrontation with Hamas, saving many lives and proving its effectiveness against short range missiles. The system targets missiles as they are launched, and its software makes decisions on what missiles to target when it cannot target them all. The priorities programed in the software are of course designed to protect civilian lives in populated areas.


Other unsung heroes included the many Israeli families who opened their homes to families living in the confrontation line so they could take a break from the missiles and mortar fire.


More unsung heroes: The teachers who implemented on line classes for the children in the south to attend over the computer, thus enabling them to continue their studies in the middle of the war.


And more: the doctors, who in the middle of a war with Hamas treated children from Gaza with serious conditions to allow them to live normal lives.


And the volunteers from Youth movements who bussed the children of the South to locations in the center of the country and the Galilee so they could have a break and enjoy fresh air out of the bomb shelters.


It was not just the soldiers...all Israel mobilized in support of those under fire. All Israelis supported the operation to put a stop to the ongoing rain of missiles on the Israeli communities near the Gaza strip.


On Thanksgiving from all days it was announced that a Cease Fire was agreed upon by Hamas and the State of Israel. What a reason to celebrate! And how appropriate!. Thanksgiving was first celebrated as a National Holidays by a decree signed by Abraham Lincoln as a way to thank the almighty for the survival of the Union.


The days and weeks to come will be challenging. The Cease Fire, like any agreement in the Middle East, is at best frail. While we hope it will hold, it is far from a certainty. Later this month the Palestinian Authority will present at the UN its bid for an upgrade of status, an upgrade which will give them access to the International Court to file cases against Israel, a move they already announced they will make.


But while we prepare for the challenges to come, let us give thanks for the support of the Obama Administration and members of Senate and the House of Representatives from both parties who expressed their unwavering support for Israel in the midst of the crisis; let us give thanks for all the unsung heroes who saved lives or help those living under fire to cope with their situation; more than anything else, let us give thanks that the military confrontation is over and that for however long this break will last, no more lives will be lost.


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