The Diplomatic Lynching of Israel

The vote was almost unanimous, with the US the lonely vote against (and Veto). This marks a significant shift in distribution of votes at the UNSC when it comes to the Israeli Palestinian issue, and it comes at a time right before the upcoming September session of the General Assembly on September 21st.

During the UN General Assembly there will be a session of "Durban III" marking the anniversary of the first "Racism and Discrimination" conference held in Durban (South Africa) which became at the time an "Israel hate-Fest". "Durban II" (Held in Geneva) was also hijacked by the anti-Israel crowd, and they continued to peddle their message of Israel as an Apartheid State with no right to exist. "Durban III" will be held on September 21st in New York City on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly.

Also at the September session of the UN General Assembly, the Palestinians are planning to present for vote a resolution recognizing the State of Palestine within the borders of 1967. This means:

a) 400,000 Israelis (including those in East Jerusalem) will automatically be considered to be living in "Palestine" rather than Israel.

b) Israel will be left with no negotiating assets in their dealings with the Palestinian Authority since the Palestinians will be able to claim (rightfully) that the International Community already recognized their territory, so they don't have to negotiate.

c) The Palestinians will not have to negotiate with Israel, having achieved their short-term objectives without having had to make a single concession.

d) While probably the UN recognition will change few to none of the facts on the ground, it will isolate Israel diplomatically in a way it never was before.

e) Under these new conditions, the possibility of the US using veto power in support of Israel becomes less probable, for the US will have to adjust to the new situation.

In 1984 the PLO approved a plan to "destroy Israel in stages". The first stage was to establish a Palestinian National Authority in any part of the territory that could be obtained by peaceful means from the "Zionist entity" ACHIEVED. The second stage was a generalized uprising in the territories intended to undermine Israel's standing in the world ACHIEVED. The third stage was the diplomatic isolation of Israel in the world and getting the world to force Israel into concessions...(In the process?). The final stage of the plan is a final war of annihilation of all the Arab countries against Israel.

The current situation in the Arab world and the destabilization of most Arab regimes by their own people's demands for freedom might derrail the Palestinian strategy (or not), but what becomes increasingly clear, as acknowledged by Israeli journalists on the right and on the left, is that the rules have changed and not in a good way for Israel...


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