Shoot out at the US Holocaust Memorial Museum

By Daniel Chejfec


Today is June 11 - yesterday was a very dark day in America. A WWII Veteran with a history of prison and repeated expressions of Jew-hartred somehow managed to get a gun, drive to the USHMM in Washington, pull the gun and start shooting, killing a security guard and wounding others, some physically, many more emotionally. What is going on?

A World War II Veteran who is a Holocaust Denier sounds like an oxymoron, unless you think of it as somebody craving attention and using what his circle of friends think is a cool thing. Von Brunn is no doubt an Anti Semite, but it used to be that Anti Semites did not enjoy so much currency in our society...until recently. Massive investment in political anti-Israel propaganda by some groups and governments in the Arab world is paying off. Today in Europe, wearing a Star of David is considered by many "a provocation", but everybody defends the right of Muslim women to wear a hijab. Good for the Muslim women, but since when showing your Jewish Identity is a provocation?

Something is out-of-skelter. Let us put things back on track. For that I proposed that we all make clear the following issues to anybody who challenges them:

1- Freedom of expression is good, but violent expression of ideas at the point of a gun or the force of a fist is not

2- Defending the concept that All People are created equal trumps political correctedness

3- Carrying a gun in our society is not a right but a privilege, like the Driver License - you abuse it, you loose it. When you are blind you don't get a license, so the socially blind should not be able to get a gun permit

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