Our love affair with unreality


How many times we pursue an illusion, a dream, even after we know that is what it is – an illusion with no real substance? Many times we get blinded by what we would like to do and fail to see that the light is just smoke and mirrors and not reality. How many times does our wishful thinking shape our perceptions and even define what we do?


There are even times when we know we are acting on wishful thinking but we cannot help ourselves...the compulsion to believe is so strong that it becomes impossible for us to give up. In those cases, what comes to mind is Einstein's definition of insanity...we keep trying the same actions and expecting a different result – because we don't want to give up our dreams.


Yet some people would say that holding to our dreams beyond the point when we already know them to be wishful thinking is indeed insane...and they might be right.


Holding to our dreams beyond logic happens at every level of life, from personal choices to political decisions affecting the fate of Nations. When we hold to our ideological choices in spite of the facts on the ground, that is what we are doing: holding to our dreams.


It takes great maturity to finally let go of the illusions and accept that what we believed to be truth is not. It takes great maturity to accept that we need to change our beliefs and modify our actions accordingly before reality rolls over us like a steamroller...

Whether dealing with a failing business, or a failed political process, it is better to change direction that end up as the road kill on the path of history.


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