If they say something you don't like...ignore it (or change it)

Egyptian President Mosri, in his first attendance to a NAM meeting expressed from the podium his unwavering support for those fighting for freedom in the Arab World and made special mention of Syria, throwing his support behind the insurgents and against President Assad (who happens to be an Iranian Ally). The Iranian regime, however, was unfazed by these comments and solve the political awkward moment with amasterstroke of diplomacy: they changed the speech in translation to all the other delegates who did not speak Arabic. The whole segment on Morsi's support for the insurgents was transformed, by the magic of Ahmadinejad's standing orders, into a statement of support for Assad.

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon gave a long speech expressing the appreciation of the UN for the Non Aligned Movement, but he also clearly stated that Iranian calls for Israel's destruction and the denial of the Holocaust were things he was not going to accept (see text of speech here). He also called for Assad to resign. Guess what? - The message was "Lost in Translation"...

UN General Assembly President Nasser Abdul Aziz's speech did not have better luck than Mosri's and the UN Secretary General's...it seems that calling for Assad to respect the lives of his people is not very popular with the Ahmadinejad/Khameini crowd, so the solution they came up with is to change the speeches to make them conform with Iran's official positions.

Iranian Media of course reported the speeches as ammended by government officials, and probably nobody told Chavez and company that the Spanish version was not quite accurate either...or any of the African delegates. After all, since the summit is in Teheran, Ahmadinejad appears to believe he has the right to decide what is Kosher and what is Trayf...

But the most affected by this "creative geopolitics" version of reality is the Iranian people themselves, who are coward into submission by making them believe that the world support the Iranian Ayatollahs policies. Let us reach out to the Iranian people with the truth, let us stretch our hand to them and help the stand up and shake the yoke of lies and oppression. They deserve better than Khameini and Ahmadinejad.



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