Do I have thr right to practice medicine without a degree?


In every society there are right and privileges. The difference between one and the other is that rights are inalienable and belong to the individual or group regardless of circumstances. Every American citizen has the right to participate in the political process; the right to worship in whatever manner he/she sees fit; the right to freedom of speech; the right of protection under the law, etc. Privileges, on the other hand, are subject to a test of suitability. These are permissions given by the authorities to do certain things provided the person authorized has proven he/she can do them in an appropriate way. College degrees are a way to access the privilege to act as a lawyer, as an accountant, as a doctor, etc. We obtain our driver license only after we pass a test. I'm sure the readers can find more examples of privileges.

So why make the difference between rights and privileges?. Rights are about the individual with little or no effect on the safety of others. Privileges require a test because they imply the possibility of putting the safety of others at risk, and it is a function of government to regulate such permissions.

Enriching uranium certainly falls under the category of endangering others, so some kind of test must exist (in fact it does) to determine who can and who cannot enrich uranium, or to what degree uranium can be enriched before crossing a line, as well as what controls are necessary to prevent enriched uranium or uranium weapons to fall into the hand of irresponsible parties such as paramilitary groups, etc. Part of those rules is that the specific government submit to controls by the UN committees dealing with the issue; another is that the country must abide by the UN resolutions regarding the use of Atomic energy and/or the building of Nuclear facilities; yet another is, if they are a party to the non proliferation treaty, to abide by its regulations. In short, Enriching Uranium is NOT a right, but a privilege.

The Iranian regime has proven over and over that it has little regard for the niceties of international diplomacy and they had made it clear that they have no intention to do the kind of disclosure expected of them under international law. If I take my driving test and openly defy all traffic laws...should I get my license?


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