Ahmadinejad and fair play

By Daniel Chejfec

Katie Couric is a decent journalist, but she probably didn't expect Ahmadinejad's move during her interview. When she asked a question about the assassination of Neda Soltan, a well known Iranian dissident, during the demonstrations against the results of the latest Iranian elections, the Middle Eastern president went on the offensive, demanding to know why he hears so much about Neda Soltan and so little about Marwa Ali El Sherbini...I think Ahmadinejad was right; we need to offer fair play. Let's see the stories:

Neda (Agha) Soltan was a well known voice of opposition to the Islamist regime represented by President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, and was fatally shot apparently by government agents when she was on her way to an anti-government demonstration.

Marwa Ali El Sherbini was an Egyptian woman stabbed to death by a German Neonazi in a courtroom in Dresden. After killing Marwa El Sherbini, the attacker turned on her husband, wounding him.

I think it makes perfect sense to treat equally a case of a dissident killed by government forces and an innocent woman killed by a fanatic with no government connections - it seems that for Ahmedinejad they should both be treated equally. Fine... The attacker of El Sherbini was identified, arrested, and expected to stand trial on October 26. The killers of Neda Soltan are still hiding within the Iranian security forces.

But in a sense, Ahmedinejad is correct, in both cases the perpetrators were motivated for blind hatred of those who are different. Marwa's killer hated Muslims, Neda's killer hated dissidents. And maybe Ahmadinejad is trying to tell us something different...that he wants his own people to be treated in the same way that the Neonazi who killed Marwa El Sherbini is treated, and that seems fitting considering the Islamo fascist ideology espoused by the Iranian regime.

The Iranian President, of course, believes that since what was done to Neda Soltan was done in the name of Islam (or at least his own twisted interpretation of Islam), it is above the law of simple mortals...especially when the victim was, to booth, a woman who should know better than speaking out her mind...

Ahmadinejad is not the only ruler on Earth using religion as a convenient cover for his own brand of neo fascism, but he is certainly the most dangerous because of the importance of Iran and the possibility that he might have access to Nuclear weapon within the next five years (or less)

But Mr Ahmadinejad, you are correct. Fair play is fair play. You have repeatedly insisted that you are the undisputable leader of your nation and that makes you responsible for the actions of government agents. So, since the German Neo Nazi ("Alex W") who assaulted and killed Marwa Ali El Sherbini is standing trial for his crimes, so should you...


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