After the U.N., what's next?

First of all, going to the United Nations and bypassing negotiation with Israel is an open violation of the Oslo agreements, under which the Palestinians received control over 98% of the Palestinian population in the West Bank, and in which frame all subsequent negotiations including the Quartet negotiations, have taken place. Furthermore, the real authority and power of the Palestinian Authority is defined by the very document they have now tossed aside. As many Palestinian officials warned over the last couple of months, the appeal to the UN for upgraded status essentially nullifies the Oslo agreements. Abbas' intentions are to restart the negotiations taking everything he now controls for granted, and intending to demand further concessions from Israel.

At the same time, the Palestinian Authority has openly stated that they will go to the International Court to criminalize Israel for the occupation. In other words, they will try to further isolate, delegitimize and criminalize the Jewish State. A move that is clearly not designed to ensure a resolution of the conflict along the lines of two states for two peoples, but intended to attack and eliminate the State of Israel using the international community as a club. In other words, to achieve what they were unable to achieve with wars and terrorist attacks. The move signals not a movement to Peace, but a change of strategy to continue the efforts to eliminiate the State of Israel. This became evident when after Israel "retaliated" by approving the construction of additional 3,000 units in the Jerusalem area, the Palestinians decried it because it is "against the UN resolution"

Thankfully, the American government saw through the ruse and clearly and inequivocally warned the Palestinians against any appeal to the International Court. The warning came from the White House, the Senate and the House of Representatives - Democrats and Republicans alike, a very rare (these days) bipartisan agreement.

The Palestinians will now see their PLO Washington office closed, and if they appeal to the Court, they might see American financial aid gone. The Israelis also warned that any attempt to use the International Court as a club against Israel will mean that Israel will no longer transfer to the Palestinians a share of the taxes paid by Palestinians from thei work in Israel. So why would Abbas risk such a potentially disastrous situation?

The answer lies in the South. After Hamas assaulted Israel with more than a thousand rockets and make it look as if Israel was forced to stop their ground assault by Hamas' strength, (A lie that is nonetheless peddled in the Arab Media and belived by many in the Arab street), Abbas needed something to outstage Hamas. Why?

Because Egypt is now pressuring Hamas and the PLO to come to terms with each other and create a Unity government followed by elections. Who looks better in the eyes of the Palestinian street will define the results of such elections. But even this is under a big question mark because of the events in Egypt.

The Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, in concert with the Salafist Party, is rushing through a new Egyptian Constitution granting great powers to the office of the President and limiting the freedom of speech as well as the possibiliyt of dissent. This is seen by many in the Arab street who were part of the movement to topple Mubarak as a betrayal of the ideals of the Tahrir Square Revolution. Egyptian President Morsi, already at odds with some members of his own Muslim Brotherhood, might be facing his own battle for political survival. Since ha had personally put himself in the position of guarantor in the Israel-Hamas Cease Fire, this is another worrisome development.

Israel has proven more than capable of defending itself in the battlefield; it has developed defense systems (Iron Dome and David's Sling) which make all the military doctrine of its Arab enemies heretofore pretty much obsolete. The Arabs attempted multiple times to destroy Israel and failed; but what the Arab countries failed to achieve in the battlefield, they now intend the International community to deliver to them in a silver platter. It is, in my view, just another approach to the 1974 PLO phased plan approved by Yasser Arafat for the destruction of Israel in stages rather than by force.

Israel needs today the support of the Jewish people in order to counterbalance Arab propaganda fueled with the billions of petrodollars that Arab States pour into it in order to keep the conflict alive and divert attention from their own internal problems. Israel represents the realization of a 2,000 year Jewish hope: the restoration of Jewish self-determination in the land of our ancestors. Israel accepts the fact that only a two-State solution can grant Israelis the security they seek, but Palestinians are intent on destroying the Jewish State. As a Jew, I stand with my people and the right of Israel to exist as a Jewish State living side by side in peace and security with a Palestinian State. But if I'm forced to choose, I'll choose to support those who have made concessions for Peace over those who continue to look for ways to advance their destructive agenda. I will choose to stand with Israel.


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