About Anti Muslim crimes

Thanks to that work, today we have special statistics from the FBI on Hate Crimes, and we are able to see how different groups are affected by them. Of late, a great emphasis has been given to the denunciation of anti-Muslim crimes in the wake of the Cordoba House controversy, and that is good because it is the right thing to do.

Other crimes, however, appear to fall under the radar screen. According to the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), the prime representative of the Muslim community in America, there are 7 million muslims in the country. Other sources put the number at 4.7 and 5 million. If we make an average, we can estimate the Muslim population of the US around 5.6 million - roughly the same as the Jewish population.

Using the latest FBI posted statistics on Hate crimes, we can see how many crimes were perpetrated against each group and how many people were affected. You can check the statistics yourself at http://www.fbi.gov

When looking at religiously motivated crimes, there were 1,619 incidents (1,606 actual offenses), with 1,732 people affected. While the numbers are relatively low considering the total US population, its very existence is indeed troublesome since they represent a rejection of some of our most cherished American values and freedoms.

Of the 1,606 actual offenses, 1,055 were against Jews, 123 against Muslims and the rest against other groups. Anti Jewish attacks affected 1,145 people or 0.02 % of Jews in the country. Anti Muslim attacks affected 130 individuals or 0.002 % of the Muslim population. A rough relationship of 10 anti-Jewish attacks for each anti-Muslim attack.

Even taking the far more conservative figures that put Muslim population in the US at 2.5 millions, about 0.005 % of Muslims were affected by anti-Muslim attacks and the proportion is still 4 anti-Jewish attacks for each anti-Muslim attack.

Furthermore, anti-Muslim biasses seem to be more prevalent among low income Americans with lower Education achievements while a growing proportion of anti-Jewish offenses occurs in College campuses.

While it is perfectly appropriate, and plainly right, to denounce anti-Muslim attacks, one has to wonder why people are silent on anti-Jewish attacks...

Of the 105 anti-Muslim attacks, 85 offenders (81 %) have been identified. Of the 1,055 anti-Jewish attacks, 353 offenders (35 %) have been identified. Of the 401 attacks against all other religious groups, 194 offenders (48 %) have been identified.

I'm letting the facts do the talking.


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