A Different BDS Campaign

"Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions should be imposed until Israel meets its obligations to recognize the Palestinian people inalienable right to self determination and fully comply with the precepts of International law by:

1- Ending its occupation and colonization of all Arab lands, dismantling the wall and freeing all Palestinian and Arab political prisoners.

2- Recognizing the fundamental rights of the Arab-Palestinians citizens of Israel to full equality

3- Respecting, protecting and promoting the rigths of Palestinian refugees to return to their homes and properties as stipulated in UN General Assembly Resolution 194.

To be part of Israel Apartheid Week International Network, organizations should commit to:

a) The basis of Unity mentioned above

b) Coordination with the International Network

c) Building, as part of Israel Apartheid Week activities, local BDS awareness and campaigns"

(extracted from the official letter of agreement of the Israel Apartheid Week website)

Notice that the organizers are not calling for Israel to comply with Resolution 242 of 1967, but with Resolution 194 from 1949 - that means Israel should absorb back all Palestinian refugees. In not so many words, the Jewish People must accept an Arab majority in Israel and forsake its own right to self-determination. Of course no mention is made of the rigths of the Arab refugees from Arab Lands, expelled from their native countries were their families lived from before Islam was born...They are not promoting a two-State solution but a one (Arab) state from the Jordan to the Sea.

The careful wording of point 1, also implies that ALL of Israel is occupied Arab land. In other words, any group agreeing to participate on Israel Apartheid week is agreeing, willingly or unwittingly, to the destruction of Israel as a Jewish State. They are suposed to agree in promoting the disintegration of a UN member and on the denial of the rights of the Jewish People to self determination which was recognized by the International community in the UN Resolution of November 1947 dividing British Palestine into a Jewish and an Arab State.

Their efforts are not about Justice, but about "Just Us". Israel must give everything away to the Palestinians before the BDS campaigns cease. In other words, the BDS campaigns are not about seeking justice, but about forcing Israel to surrender everything to the Palestinians - and I don't mean just the lands occupied during the 1967 attempt by the Arab world to wipe Israel off the map...

The BDS Campaign is the continuation of the Arab Boycott as insitituted during the 1968 Summit of the Arab League in Cairo to try and destroy Israel by other means, as they explicitly said in the said Arab League Resolution.

Being liberal means to seek Justice, as our Jewish traditions demand, in the spirit of the Prophetic teachings. Justice is to recognize the rights of both, Jews and Arabs, to self-determination. Denying one or the other is denying the very liberal values many of the participants in the Israel Apartheid Week claim to defend. It is, indeed, fascism disguised as liberalism - a wolf in sheep's clothing.

Israel has already recognized the right of the Palestinian people to self determination many times, and openly accepted the principle of a two state solution, yet the Palestinian side is yet balking at recognizing the right of the Jewish people to self determination and to recognize Israel as the Nation State of the Jewish people.

I propose to join a different BDS Campaign...

BUY ISRAELI - Buy Israeli goods wherever you can find them.

DEMOCRACY - Is not just a word. Arab citizens of Israel have more individual rights than Arab citizens of any other Middle Eastern country. They vote, they can appeal to the courts, they can sue the State, they can protest against the government, they can establish Labor Unions, their women are considered equal to their men under the law, they can openly express their sexual preferences without being killed, they can be elected to office in free elections, etc, etc, etc.

SUPPORT ISRAEL - It means recognizing the inalienable right of the Jewish people to self determination.

THAT is my "BDS" Campaign...


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